Si loin, si près....

Hannah Ranger, has partnered with Espace Pierre-Debain, a public gallery in Gatineau, Québec to put on an exhibit of her felted work August 30, 2017- October 15, 2017.

Mon-Fri 1pm-8pm

Sat & Sun 12pm-4pm

Espace Pierre Debain is a gallery that features arts and crafts with a multi-dimensional touch, as well as visual arts exhibits.

Hannah Ranger is a visual artist living and practicing in Farrellton, Québec. Her interest in art developed from being exposed, early in life, to a variety of artistic forms, at home, at school, and in the community. The creation of artwork persisted, along side the study of anthropology in university, and a passion for learning about the cultural history and practices of societies around the world and at home. Over time, an attraction to fibre art developed as it is such a primary medium and a big part of the foundation of culture around the world. Textile and fibre art is not only a medium through which societies were able to develop necessities such as clothing, carrying mechanisms,even housing and other technologies, it was, and is, a form of expression and identification from within the culture. Having experimented with different forms of textile art, felt making was the discovery that revolutionized Hannah’s artistic expression and eventually launched a full time artistic practice. Felt making allows the creative impulse to emerge in a spontaneous and evolving way, yielding sculptural work that provokes our senses with the visceral experience brought on by the animal and plant fibres used. The medium links the maker and observer to our primal past. The felting process is the oldest and most rudimentary form of textile making known to human kind (apart from the use of animal hide), and predates weaving. It is a medium that connects us to our humanity, our cultural development and our relationship to our environment. That is what is most of interest to this artist. In Hannah’s studies of medical anthropology and herbalism, the most significant theme of her work was around the human relationship to their environment and how this relationship impacts and reflects the health of one to the other. Hannah’s work explores a particular fascination with the concept of the “doctrine of signatures” and how the natural world communicates through patterns, shapes, and colours, a visual language that has the potential to inform our interactions with and relationship to our surroundings. Hannah represents this visual language through the layering and sculpting of coloured wool and other natural fibres using resists to create forms, and a carving technique to accentuate texture and line. Most of the work is informed by direct observation of the environment both natural and built. Hannah’s work is an ongoing experiment with the medium that offers so much to her themes through process, tactility and texture, and is a dialogue with natural phenomena and the patterns that emerge on many levels of experience in life.

This year, Hannah was a recipient of a territorial partnership grant from Conseils des arts et des lettres du Québec for her partnership with Espace Pierre Debain in the production of her upcoming show, Si loin, si près....

Hannah is a founding member and program director at Place des artistes de Farrellton

Thank you to Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec

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